What is Simba?
Step into the world of Simba, the latest innovation
in the world of electronic money.
A mobile phone and a bank account are all you need to start using this new payment method that will facilitate your life. Simba: Simple. Safe. Smart.
Send money to anyone and have the funds transferred to their account within seconds. Likewise, you can also request money from any person by sending a notification through Simba and the money will be transferred to your Simba account in no time.
With Simba, banking is made easier. No need to visit your bank in order to fulfill your major banking needs. Simba will allow you to:
- Link multiple bank accounts
- View your accounts’ balances
- Transfer money from one account to the other
- Request a checkbook
- View your latest transactions
Recharge your Internet subscription plans (all fixed & prepaid lines: ADSL, ADSL traffic, HDSL, Mobi, Wigo, Wise and ifly). Simply enter your details and desired prepaid plan and you’ll be back surfing online in no time.
Recharge your prepaid phone lines or anybody else’s through Simba in a few simple steps.
Key in your phone number and your plan of choice, and your prepaid line will be recharged in a heartbeat.
Getting a parking fine is frustrating enough as it is. With Simba, simply pay it by entering your license plate and your ticket number on your mobile. The fee will be then settled through your Simba account in a quick and secure way.
Simba makes wedding gifts easier than they have ever been. Simply put in the details provided by the bride/groom and the desired amount to celebrate your friends’ union and congratulate them.

more services to come