How secure is Simba?
Your Simba account is identified through various components:
- your mobile device ID (IMEI)
- your mobile number
- your bank account number
- your PIN

Can I change my PIN?
Yes. You have the option to change your PIN at any time through Simba application.

If I enter an incorrect PIN what happens?
In case you enter an incorrect PIN 3 times in a row, your Simba application will be blocked.

To unlock your account, contact your bank at the branch where you registered your account.

How can I make sure my transaction was completed?
You will get a notification at the completion of every transaction from your Simba account.

How can I reverse a transaction?
You can call your bank in order to reverse any transaction made through Simba.

What happens if I accidentally send money to the wrong number?
If the number you accidentally transferred money to is not a Simba registered user, you will receive an SMS notification informing you that the transaction could not be processed.

In case the number in question is a Simba user, the transaction will go through. You can reverse the transaction at your branch.

What should I do if I accidentally transfer more money than I meant to?
You can either ask the recipient to transfer the difference back to your account. Otherwise, you can reverse the transaction and then transfer the correct amount.

What happens if my mobile phone or my SIM card are lost or stolen?
You are advised to contact your branch immediately and report the loss of your phone or SIM card. However, due to the security processes of Simba, no one can access your account unless they have your username and PIN number, and are using the same mobile device under which your account is registered.

What do I do if I want to change mobile phones?
In case you choose to change your device, you should access the “change mobile device’’ function and then download the application again, and enter a new PIN. There are no activation charges for this action.

What do I do if I want to change my mobile number?
In case you choose to change your mobile number, you should visit your branch and they will take the necessary steps to have your Simba account linked to your new number.
How can I download Simba?
You can either download Simba through the website, or by visiting any branch of our affiliated banks.

How can I register for Simba?
You can register to Simba services by visiting any branch of our affiliated banks.

Should I have a bank account?
Yes. You should have an account in any of our affiliated banks.

How much does subscribing to Simba cost?
Currently, subscribing to Simba is free of charge.

What currency should my bank account be in?
Every Simba account can be linked to two bank accounts: one in LBP and one in USD.

What is the currency used in transactions?
For the time being, all Simba transactions are in USD.

Is the cost debited from a bank account or from the phone bill?
All costs are debited directly from your Simba account.

Is there any tax on usage?
All transactions are tax inclusive.

Which mobile phones is Simba compatible with?
Simba is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Java operated phones.

Can more than one mobile number be linked to the same Simba account?
No. Every Simba account can be linked only to one mobile number.

Can I recharge my mobile credits even if I have no units left?
Yes, provided that a Wi-Fi connection is available.

What is the daily limit on transactions amount?
You can transfer a total of 250$ per day through the person-to-person service, and use 500$ per day in total through all Simba services.

Is there a limit on the number of transactions allowed?
You can perform up to 50 transactions and receive up to 100 transactions per day.

When is the money transferred credited to the account?
Instantly. All transfers are completed within the same day value date.

How can I check the account details and transactions history?
You can check your account details and up to 20 recent transactions through your mobile phone, knowing that your full history will be logged at your bank.